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Class Schedule


Classes are held Every 3rd Monday of the month

@ Elmer's Restaurant Banquet Room

Interstate 5 - & Garden Valley East- 6-8:30 pm - Open to the public  - Donations Welcome

MONDAY August 21, 2017
Guest Speaker:  John Chambers
"The Original Pledge of Allegiance"
Pledge made before there was an American Flag or even a republic for which it stands.
This pledge is made daily and is the pledge that holds this country together.
This pledge is what makes America, AMERICA



16 American Jurisprudence 2d, Sovereignty of the states

"The original thirteen states existed prior to the adoption of the Federal Constitution and before that time possessed all the attributes of sovereignty.  All these attributes except those surrendered by the formation of the Constitution and the amendments there to have been retained. But the sovereign power of the states is necessarily diminished to the extend of the grants of power to the federal government in the Constitution, an it is subject to the restraints and limitations of the Constitution.

New states, upon their admission into the Union, become invested with equal rights and are subject only to such restrictions as are imposed upon the states already admitted.  There can be no state of the Union who's sovereignty or freedom of action is in any respect different from that of any other state.  There can be no restriction upon any state other than one prescribed upon all the states by the Federal Constitution.  Congress, in admitting a state, cannot restrict such state by bargain.  The state, by so contracting with Congress, is in no way bound by such a contract however irrevocable it is stated to be.  It is said that the subject to the restraint and limitations of the Federal Constitution, the states have all the sovereignty powers of independent nations over all persons and things within their respective territorial limits."

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