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Patriots Gathering



 Pony Village Mall, Room 157 B, near Macy's 1611 Virginia Ave, North Bend, Coos County Good Things presented by Active People Making Things Happen. What is Agenda 21? Land Use, and Rights? Rae Copitka / Loma Wharton Patriots Gather to Educate & Discuss Positive Solutions in Coos Bay Oregon Saturday July 19, 2014 Topics for discussion are Agenda 21, Lands Rights, Balance of Powers, Jurisdiction, State and Local Government With a view on Each Responsibility.Natural Resources and the benefit to the States, Counties and the people. Taking action one person at a time, one county and one State at a time. FREEDOM IS NOT CHEAP



Patriots Gather to Educate & Discuss Positive Solutions - Paul Walter

 Patriots Gather to Educate & Discuss Positive Solutions in Coos Bay Oregon
 Saturday July 19, 2014 with special guest paul Walter editor of Alternative Media
 "NEWS WITH VIEWS" Writer of Will America Survive, "The Coming Battle",
 Grants Pass.What Ever Happened to America. Public Schools Public 
Menace, The Creature From Jekyll Island and more. 


Patriots Gathering Coos Bay Oregon Ben Harper from Ashland and Heather Zousel of Coos Bay. 
Both with "Oregon Right To Know" GMO Labeling. In only six weeks, we were able to collect more than 
31,500 signatures more than the number needed to qualify," said Sandeep Kaushik, 
campaign spokesman for Oregon Right to Know. "That is a powerful indication that Oregonians 
understand that protecting the profits of chemical conglomerates and agribusiness giants 
should not take precedence over the public's right to know what is in the food they eat and feed their families."